Innovative approach to Quality Management System

Compliance to Existing Industry Standards

Quality workmanship to meet client’s expectations

Material Quality Assurance and Wastage Control System

Effective Cost Management throughout the construction lifecycle

Time Management and Optimization


Nest Builders strive continually to enforce implementation and monitoring of Quality Management Systems (QMS). Through the promotion of quality in workmanship we endeavour to achieve the highest standards to meet the client's specifications and requirements.

All projects undertaken by NEST BUILDERS are subject to our company QMS to design a project specific quality plan to attain and maintain high level industry standards.

While the quality planning will be devised by one of our Contracts Manager, responsibility for maintaining and controlling the quality plan will rest with the Project Manager, who will ensure that all aspects including workmanship and materials are to the satisfaction of the client. The Managing Director is in command of the complete Quality Management System within the company and will take measures to update and/or improve the system when necessary to promote continued progress and expansion.

A fully documented project quality plan for the project will be made available for inspection at all times throughout the duration of the contract.

Environment Responsibility and Social commitment

Environmental Assessment and Preservation

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Identify, Educate, Emphasize and Minimize the Environmental Impact of construction


NEST BUILDERS is one of the fastest growing construction companies in Bangalore. We understand that the use of raw materials, emissions to air and water and waste generation have an impact on the environment. We identify the problem areas and look for logical solutions by educating and emphasizing on risk management. We look for avenues to create and enforce programs through best practices and new guidelines or policies to minimize this impact to a viable extent. Our constant effort to enhance the environment is a significant element of our vision.

NEST BUILDERS is committed to:

Making continual attempts to minimize Carbon foot-print

Minimizing pollution

Complying with all environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to the industry sector in which we operate

NEST BUILDERS Environmental policy:

Make effective use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, minimizing waste, and recycling wherever possible

Efficient Waste Management System to ensure safe keeping, transportation and subsequent recovery or disposal of hazardous waste

Use recycled construction materials when commercially justified

Optimization on transport and regular service vehicles to maintain their efficiency
Work with suppliers to ensure they recognize and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation

Health and Safety Policy

Compliance to BS8800 and OHSAS18001 standards

Health Surveillance camps in sync with health and safety legislation

Educate employees on health and safety risks

Provide adequate training on Risk Management

Ensure safe environment by increasing awareness among employees

Nest Builders policies demonstrates an ongoing and determined commitment to improve and protect health and safety of all their employees who may be at risk of occupational injury or ill health.

Complying with the requirements of health and safety legislation in our country is our priority. We strongly believe that by promoting best practice and ensuring adherence to these guidelines, we will help build on workforce loyalty which is a paramount factor to our success.

Our policy supports a culture that does not tolerate threats to health and safety and ensures complete involvement of all our employees, the sub-contractors and stakeholders. A few integral components of our health and safety policy include:


Nest Builders provides adequate resources to ensure all our employees, the sub-contractors and stakeholders are aware of the health and safety policies, understand the hazards and risks that affect our business and commit to its effective implementation through integrated communication and consultation. The roles and responsibilities at all levels are defined, as is necessary within the job profiles. Senior Management ensures that health and safety is assessed, controlled and monitored regularly. Any health and safety workplace hazard is identified and informed immediately to all the appropriate levels as is applicable. Health surveillance camps will be conducted to satisfy health and safety legislation.


We ensure that all our employees will be adequately instructed and trained on the health and work safety issues that might affect them, and that safe working practices are followed to assure a competent and dynamic workforce. Senior management plays a key role in identifying, assessing and managing risks in health and safety hazards. We endorse and encourage an active and open communication system among all employees to address any health and safety concerns with the management. We will take immediate action to prevent, reduce or control risks to an acceptable level and reduce the potential for incidents and accidents.


We implement management systems to ensure compliance with health and safety legislations; with the requirements of BS8800 and OHSAS18001; and continually improve our health and safety performance. We further engage and collaborate with our sub-contractors to ensure their health and safety performance is monitored and reviewed; their health and safety capabilities and competence fulfil our expectations; and their work activities have minimal health and safety impacts on our activities. We actively and openly review and report on our health and safety performance against published objectives and targets. Any necessary improvement plans needed to support the delivery of these objectives and targets will be initiated, when needed. Any lessons learnt from accidents, incidents and near misses will be used to take corrective action to prevent recurrences.


Nest Builders is acclaimed for excellence which is embedded in the core values of our work and in the way we manage health and safety with our innovative approach and practices. We constantly encourage, develop, review and share “health and safety good practices” both internally and externally. We will only work with joint venture partners and clients who are willing to meet and achieve our health and safety expectations. We endeavour to engage and influence stakeholders to drive improvements in health and safety.

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